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The Team

BDS, MBA (H.A.), Cert. Aesthetic Dentistry, Cert. Orthodontics
  • Known for her sheer patience; passion for professionalism. Even the most anxious patients is made to feel relaxed throughout the dental procedure.
  • Skilled in various fields of dentistry - aesthetic, children dentistry, orthodontics, general dentistry.
  • Keeps up to date with the latest digitalisation of dental technologies to provide wider choices for patients to choose from.
  • Member of Malaysian Dental Association.
  • Awards: Best Outgoing Student Award by Pierre Fauchard Academy for her excellence during University education in 2008.
  • Completed Bachelor of Dental Surgery in 2008, Masters Degree in Hospital Administration 2014.
  • Certification in Aesthetic Dentistry, Orthodontics.
  • Skilled Dental Surgeon with more than 4 decades of clinical excellence with special interest in Preventive Orthodontics & Peridontology
  • Honoured by the Royal College of Physicians & Surgeons – Glascow,U.K with FDSRCPS
  • Honoured by the State of Penang with P.K.T & D.S.P.N Titles for excellence
  • Past Member of the dean’s council of Malaysian Dental Colleges Dean's Council
  • An outstanding clinician & academician in several fields of Dentistry
  • Has several international publications & papers to his credit
  • Guest lectured at several international dental conferences
  • Fellow of the international college of dentistry
  • Fellow of the Pierre Fauchard Academy
  • Member Of
    • Malaysian Dental Association
    • Indian Dental Association
    • Indian Society of periodontology
BDS, MDS(Periodontology), Cert. Implantology, Cert. Endodontics
  • Dedicated Dental Surgeon with patient comfort being his priority
  • Dental Post graduate with Master’s Degree in Periodontology
  • Hard core professionalskilled clinician in endodontics & implantology
  • More than a decade of experience treating root canals & even more performing transformational gum surgeries
  • Has a flair to take up challenging teeth conditions with poor prognosis and their planned step by step successful treatment(RE-RCT)
  • Dr. Sara has several international publications to his credit
  • Is a member of
    • Malaysian dental association
    • Malaysian society of peridontology