Welcome to The Dentist at Tropicana!

New Patient

My First Time

Is this your first visit to the dentist?

Then be happy. We are happy to greet you. Feel free to enquire & clear all your doubts on the teeth condition, treatment procedures & outcome of it.
We have all the time. You can build your confidence & we will help you through out.

Dental Phobia

Are you afraid of the dentist? Have you had any previous bad experiences during dental treatments?

Then, You are at the right place. We are here to give you a whole new experience – Relaxed, Calm treatment with friendly dentists & staffs.

We take it up in good spirits to deliver you dental treatment which lingers on only as a pleasant memory & experience. We invite you to visit us & free your phobias in exchange for a friendly hassle – free experience.

Child’s Trip to Dentist

Is your child flinching to make his / her first visit to the dentist?

Prof. Dato’ Dr. Pushparajan P.Pillai, a grandfather himself, is keen on making children comfortable with dental clinics, treatments & the dentists.

He motivates them & takes time until the child adapts, acknowledges & accepts the dental environment in our premises before any further treatment.

It’s a boon for kids & Parents to make the dental visits enjoyable.