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Are your gums bleeding while teeth brushing?

Occasionally while brushing teeth, some people notice blood in the froth that they spit / or in the tooth brush. Not many consider it important to attend to it. Bleeding from the gums is the main reason for this. Why this bleeding occurs? Dental plaque & calculus are a complex of food debris & micro-organisms

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Avoid using mouth washes regularly

Mouthwashes are oral cleaning aids.However are not a must in everyday life. Routine use of alcoholic mouthwashes can have adverse effects to oral soft tissues.Regular use can also cause extrinsic stains on your teeth . Instead, effective teeth brushing techniques accompanied by thorough flossing &rinsing with water can help a lot. Occasional use is not

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Prevent Dental Caries by One Simple habit

Don’t skip bedtime teeth brushing !!!!  Brushing at night is twice more important than in the morning !! The following 3 factors  make teeth vulnerable to dental caries at night: Dental plaque on teeth Reduced salivary flow Food deposits – A Breeding ground for bacteria Therefore forgetting to brush your teeth at night will increase

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Extensive Brushing can harm your teeth

Stop hurting your teeth while brushing.More than 90% of people are comfortable using horizontal strokes while brushing with their toothbrushes which may be less effective. The following causes worn out enamel & exposes dentin resulting in hypersensitivity. Extensive forces from the arm coupled with Abrasive toothpastes & Horizontal motion( back & forth ) causes the

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